Vision Systems

A vision system allows both on-line quality control of the products and the supervising of the production process, including also the function of operative guide for the robotised system of selection of the product components.

The acquired images can be processed providing input to the production process.

A.M.D. Electronic with its experience with more of ten years, is able to offer a combination of hardware and software which fits at its best for these purposes.

Some examples:

Check of the seals integrity.


Check of the regularity of the production before packaging.


Check of changeable data (lot, expiring date) for the story of alimentary, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products.


Check of the welding of plastic phial.


Other applications:

  • Inspection of the packaging of perishable food products.
  • Selection of the packaging components according to the colour.
  • Check of the bottles necks.
  • Check of the refilling levels.
  • Detection of suspending or floating solid.