Management and Creating Artwork


4Pack is the leading Italian software in product, artwork and packaging management, for the Food & Beverage, Wine, Retail and GDO sectors. 4Pack is the only Italian software recognised globally by Gartner for the third year in a row in its Market Guide 2023 for its Labeling and Artwork Management (LAM) and Packaging and Product Specification Management (PPSM) functionalities.

With 20 years’ experience in packaging and software development, 4Pack is able to meet the complex needs of brand manufacturers and retailers, offering them solutions that increase speed and business performance, reduce costs and streamline processes.

As the product continues to grow, 4Pack opened a second office in London in 2019 to expand internationally.

What makes 4Pack unique is its ability to automate workflows and promote collaboration between teams, facilitating activities for the business and supplier network. It can manage the entire product launch process and easily plug into an existing system to fill any digital gaps.


he management of product specifications and packaging artwork is a complex multi-functional process where many figures are involved, both internal and external.

The number of passes of an artwork between departments can be very long and complex. The possibility of losing information between one step and another is always high if the process is not managed entirely within a single platform. Companies without such a solution often experience long lead times in packaging processes, high risk of errors in information and packaging versions, and consequently high production costs.

4Pack’s strength lies in its ability to fully manage the entire packaging creation and approval process, involving all stakeholders, within a single platform.

Here, it is also possible to enter all technical data sheets and information on products and packaging, create artwork to which this information can be associated, and archive all digital assets relating to products and packaging (logos, photos, certifications, etc.).

4Pack is therefore an indispensable solution for food and beverage companies to quickly create and manage their product packaging artwork, guaranteeing accuracy and conformity for all the markets in which the company operates. No more labelling errors, no more product recalls.

The guaranteed benefits of using 4Pack are:

  • Up to 90% cost reduction
  • At least 50% reduction in time-to-market for each product
  • Up to 80% reduction in risk of error

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