Management and Creating Artwork


Kallik is a leading specialist in Artwork Management Solutions (AMS) that can help businesses to get real advantages in an increasingly challenging global marketplace.

With over 25 years of experience and success in the field of packaging and software development, Kallik has implemented a vast range of solutions for large corporates as well as for small businesses. Its cooperative business solutions simplify the packaging production process starting from the design, going to the final printing, ensuring the reliability and compliance of all contents with regulatory and commercial requirements. Some of the largest global companies within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and consumer goods domains, have implemented its market leading solutions. A team of highly skilled industry experts with specific knowledge on process management of packaging design production and with extensive relationships in this industrial field is in change of the development of its range of solutions.  Kallik is located in Tamworth in UK.



The creation of an artwork is a complex process wherein many functions are involved:

  • Regulatory
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Artwork and Graphics Manager

The number of revisions and passages among the different Departments can be quite high.

The strength of the AMS360-ART system is the ability to create an Artwork in few seconds using data that you have already inserted in your database.

Kallik’s Automated Artwork Generator gives Companies the possibility to create consistent, compliant and high quality Artworks for any market on which the Company works.

No more labelling errors, no more product recalls. Simply an efficient solution for the Artwork Creation Management which you can reach wherever you are through the web platform on which it is developed.

With Automatic Artwork Generator you can create in seconds:

  • Labels
  • Illustrative Leaflets
  • Packaging (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  • Point-of-Sales (Exhibitors, billboards etc.)
  • Shipment Packaging





  • Average processing times are reduced, from days to just seconds, significantly reducing your product’s time-to-market
  • The Consistency of all contents is assured thanks to the Asset Database with automated Versioning
  • No risk of mixing-up information
  • Full audit trail to take under control all the Artwork creation and approval phases
  • Outstanding reduction of costs!






A corporate image is an extremely important aspect and the packaging is its strategic vehicle.

Furthermore, if on the packaging there is vital information for the final user, such as information on a medicine packaging, it is fundamental that all information passes through a certified and validated process.

This system aim is to make data and information available at a real time and providing a central asset repository that allows having the full Artwork approval process under control, getting rid of the piles of papers on the Project Coordinator’s desk.

In few words: Having Control -> Reduce the Risk