About Us

A.M.D. Electronic, founded in 1989, grew out of the experience of its creator in the quality control domain.

Since the beginning of our activity we have provided to food companies the best solutions in terms of Metal Detectors and X-Rays equipments. Now, thanks to the innovative technology of NIR (Near Infrared), we are also able to offer to our clients, vision systems capable to detect contaminants normally invisible to x-rays and metal detectors.

Since 2004 we have addressed greater attention to pharmaceutical companies, as well as food, cosmetic and graphic companies, specializing in the supply of automated proofreading systems for the revision of text and artwork in digital files or printed materials, in order to guarantee the quality, the integrity and the total absence of errors.

Our solutions guarantee safety along all the packaging workflow, fully compliant of European and American regulations (FDA CFR 21 part 11 / EMA Annex 11) and validation.

Automating the proofreading process to revise their materials is everyday more fundamental for companies that realize how badly their brand could be damaged by human errors both economically and as for reputation.

The Italian and European regulations on labelling and packaging are more and more severe and they become a further incentive toward the automation of the controls.

In addition to that, the need to protect the brand from the sadly popular problem of counterfeiting motivates more and more companies to consider the migration to automated systems.

A.M.D. Electronic during the years has paid high attention to the feedback of those operating directly in the field, in order to respond in the best way to the needs of our clients with a wide range of solutions.

Since 2010, A.M.D. Electronic also supplies advanced solutions for Automated Artwork Generation and labelling content management.

The processes related to the Artwork generation not only involve internal departments but also outside collaborators.

It is fundamental to be able to share information efficiently and driving the process in all its phases in order to save time and money as well as simultaneously increase accuracy and certainty of the data. The solutions we propose allow to do exactly so.

A.M.D. Electronic guarantees expert advice and assistance in designing, configuring and installing the above mentioned solutions.

You can also count on a prompt and professional post-sale technical assistance which will guarantee you continuity and constancy, providing you with additional services such as Validation, Calibration, Maintenance Planned in advance and Customised support plans.

In one word, A.M.D. Electronic’s mission is Quality!

Quality on and off line.

Quality of the product as well as of its “dress”.