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For a better guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained on your labels and quality of artwork packs in any language anywhere in the world.

Kallik is a leading company specializing in software solutions for the management of artwork and technology for automated generation of artwork. The Kallik solution VERACITI guarantees accuracy and reliability of the information on packaging and labels.

VERACITI is able to control the structured content and generate accurate print-ready artwork that is brand and press compliant. In this way, the process of labeling and packaging are more effective and efficient by ensuring artwork comply with market requirements.

The artwork management solution, reduces the time for the realization of new artwork for packaging and allows you to update the information on the labels. In summary, it is an Automated Artwork Generator that gives your business the power to easily create high-quality artwork and comply with the regulations that has no equal.

You can create artwork for all markets of the world.